Friday, November 5, 2010

Hey Cool! I'm finally making a blog!

So I finally decided to make a blog because I can. I guess this will just be a blog of stupidity because that's what my life is: stupidity.
Anyways, I'm going to tell you about my day: I had gym today with all the tryhards. If you are living in a hole and do not understand what a "tryhard" is, Visit this link- Urban Dictionary: tryhard
So yeah. First, it was tag games. I don't know why we were playing tag games in a high school gym class, but whatever. We played Everybody's It tag, Otherwise known as "let's all pretend we're anarchists and kill each other over a stupid game". Well, my friend won the first game by just standing there. None of the tryhards noticed her. Good job, Crysta.
Next, we played sideline soccer. Or as the tryhards call it, "The World Cup". They treat it like the World Cup- rejoicing a goal and greeting the players from the field with grand adulation. Come on, guys! We're Americans! We're not supposed to like soccer! We even call it a different name than the rest of the world!
Whatever. As long as my friend can win a tag game by standing around doing nothing, I will tolerate gym class.

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