Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updating! My life IS NOT exciting.

So I know I haven't updated this thing for a few days or something. but anyways, I present you a summary of my past few days:
1. Relationship crap.
2. AP World II homework.
3. Bry Bry almost died.
Time for explanations.
Number one: So on Tuesday, Bryan was absent from school. If I never blogged about Bryan (Bry Bry), he just happens to be one of my close friends. Of course I missed his (often silent) presence at school, but my boyfriend was JEALOUS. Why... I don't know. Oh well. Then today my (once-trusted) friend Jack told me my boyfriend was cheating on ME. Well, guess what was just a lame attempt to get me to break up
with my boyfriend? Jack's lie!!! Haha Jack, I understand you love me but that DID NOT help your chances.
Number two: Pretty self explanitory. Spent all day yesterday doing that crap for her just to check half of it. My life...
Number three: Back to BryBry. So apparently he pissed off some cliche high school dude so much that he wanted to kill Bryan. If he did kill Bryan I would have gotten his whole set of Scott Pilgrim comic books (so I was hoping for his death, kinda) but Bryan survived. NOTHING EVEN HAPPENED. My school is boring.
...So that was my life for the past few days. Told you it was boring. Or was it?

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