Thursday, November 18, 2010

... I'm Not Being Very "Witty" Anymore, Am I?

Admit it. I just read over my last few posts and they were just whiny summaries of that day's happenings. I'm sorry, but I guess I'm becoming too lazy to deal with "originality".
And in honor of these posts, I found a cake for them:
Oh my. I love the interwebz.
Now, I'm going to think before I post today. Or type. So give me a moment here... Okay, I'm ready.
Today was a pretty busy day, but let's AVOID SUMMARIES! *slaps self in the face*
Let's focus on SEAS. Today I had a meeting for SEAS (Which stands for Student Environmental Action Society) that I joined because I like the Earth, I guess. One downside to this club though: my creepy Seminar teacher runs it. He's about as old as my mom (or older) and I think he might have a thing for me. Gross.
Anyways, I like to stay after to help with the fish tanks or courtyard or recycling bins or whatever. Today, I chose to hear my high-heeled boots, hence working in the courtyard was not an option. So, I was stuck with recycling. I had to help this one kid, Doug what's-his-face empty all the recycling bins. He talked too much, and it was BORING. But wait! There's more! Apparently the bin in the lobby has been seriously laid to waste by stupid high school students. There's flies, a fishy smell, and I think there was some cat food or something in there. All I know it that it looked something like this:
Totally the thing from that one Spongebob episode. I swear to God that's what we found in there.
... I just love my school.
And after all that, I went back to the SEAS room to find my creepy Seminar teacher in shorts and a tank top. The horrifying scene of an older male teacher in shorts is too disturbing to describe to you.
And with that, I am done with a perfectly witty and well-planned blog update.

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