Friday, November 19, 2010


So, I have neared death twice today. I guess I'll tell you about my near-death experiences then, because nothing else in my life is well... Interesting.
1. So I went out to Friendly's with my friends ( it's a crappy little place, but it's cheap and halfway decent, so whatever) and we got one of those huge sundaes, with about 12 scoops of ice cream and six toppings and whatnot. Halfway through eating the whole thing, my friend dares me to stuff as much as I could into my mouth as fast as I can while she played this fast-tempo ringtone of hers. So she starts playing the ringtone and by the time it ends, I must have 3 scoops or something like that in my mouth, and I couldn't swallow it! Even worse, my friends were laughing, making me laugh. and all this laughing ultimately makes it harder to swallow ice cream. Eventually I swallowed it then passed out on the table, just to get extremely hyper in the car ride home.
2. I almost lost this Blogger account!!!

I was logging in, and it wouldn't recognize this password at all. Finally after opening up my immensely large inbox and clicking through three emails or so I recovered it. I was freaking out, hyperventilating and crying and crap. It was pitiful.

Well, I guess I must go. I think my parents are almost about to check on me, and it's 11:27 at night. They might not be happy to see me updating my blog (that they don't know I have) this late. So bye!

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