Monday, November 22, 2010


Now, I know I used this picture in a blog post very recently in the past, but whatever. I totally describes my day today. It started off with Earth Science, a relatively easy subject. Today I had a test, which was also EASY. Except for one part: Waiting for my turn to take the friggin' lab practical. The lab practical (for those who don't listen in Science) is when the teacher gives you rocks or something and you have to make observations about it for points on a test. Well, my teacher was stupid enough to only set up two stations. TWO. For about thirty kids to take a 5 minute lab practical in 80 minutes total. Of course, my excellent luck in life gave me the blessing of having to go LAST. After waiting about 40 minutes after finishing my test, I got to take the practical and finish conveniently 5 seconds before the bell rang. But wait! It gets worse!
We also got a bunch of Science homework: over 30 terms or so to define. And I forget the list of terms at school. Great. So I sent a text to two of my friends- Scratch that, a friend and MY BOYFRIEND- and neither have them have replied with the terms yet. My boyfriend said he'd send me a picture of the sheet (I have not gotten a picture message yet) and my friend said she'd send me a Facebook message (What do you know? No Facebook message in sight).
Lastly, as I was waiting for the picture message to be sent to my phone by my very responsible boyfriend *rolls eyes* I get a message from a former enemy of mine that I recently made amends with. You see, he's involved in the middle school's musical and I knew what part he got, but was unsure of what his friend got. He asked me how they both did, and all I said was that they're going to be happy with their parts. And I thought this was going to end well and we'd be friends again, but then I forgot what this old enemy of mine is like. Apparently his friend didn't do as well as he expected, and he got mad at me for who got which part. Sure, because I didn't want his friend to do well and I wanted to disappoint them both. Sure, that's just totally what happened. That's what I get for attempting to make amends with him: a bitchfit. Nice.
Well, I can't stay and write too much more because I have to check Facebook for a message and see if I missed my phone vibrating with a new message, even though my phone is right here... next to my arm... and... NEVER MIND! MY BOYFRIEND FORGOT ABOUT EMAILING ME THE TERMS SO SCREW IT!
...Well, have a nice day!

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