Thursday, December 16, 2010

What? Me? Lazy? Naaaah.

So yeah, to my essentially nonexistent readers I apologize... For I have gotten lazy busy over the past few weeks. (Looks at last post, looks at the date) OH GOSH! WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVEN'T UPDATED THIS SINCE DECEMBER 3RD? IT'S THE 16TH! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?
... Oh yeah, there's the "barely present" readers. Err, right.
Well, maybe those who DO read my blog can kinda tell your friends about it? For me? I'll give you a cake...
Whoops, wrong cake!!! (courtesy of Cake Wrecks, my favorite blog)
So... *awkward silence* What was I gonna write about again? Oh yeah, the most exciting thing that happened since I updated this.
Yeah, it was boring. That shows how exciting my life is.
It was about drug and alcohol abuse, which scared the crap out of 80% of the kids in my school. Just about everyone except my friends drinks, smokes cigarettes, or is a pothead. Seriously, I don't think I could handle taking drugs. I get high off of music, really. Seriously. I know what happens when people smoke or whatever. I feel the same just listening to my iPod.
I guess they weren't looking for accurate results because they surveyed our school. Pfft, like all the wannabe gangsters and Ugg-wearing sluts who actually do get drunk and/or high every week would answer honestly. If they want the truth, here it is: MOST OF THE SURVEYS FROM ARE SCHOOL ARE LIES, NEW YORK. Stupid surveyors with their "honor system". Pfft. (Why yes, I did say "Pfft" twice in a post. Deal with it.)

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