Friday, December 3, 2010

... Weird. Week.

So my blog hasn't been updated for a few days, eh? Well I was just too lazy
this week. Seriously, I was so tired this week that I would just type gibberish
in response to half the texts I got.

But anyways, a lot happened this week.

On Tuesday, I walked into my AP World class to see my teacher wearing a
crown. She made me sit on the floor and do a worksheet, and then she called me
a "monkey peasant". I later learned that was because we were going to
learn about the Estates system that day. It was odd.

On Wednesday, I think that was the day my friend Hailey got in trouble. You
see, we had to name a continent for some lab. She wanted to name it
"dumbass" but of course it had to be "school appropriate"
and blah, blah, blah. I jokingly suggested Domassia. She actually named it

...What? If the teacher asks, it means "Land Of Peace" in an ancient
Slovakian dialect. Suuure.

Well, the teacher did catch onto its meaning, and she only made my friend
say sorry to her. Wow, what is she? Three? Pfffft.

Finally, it was tonight, a Friday night! I went out with my friends, but we
went to some talent show at the middle school. And that meant *CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC* My Evil Ex.


To give you a quick sense of this guy, he dumped me after dating me for a
day. Via text. The end. It's pretty darn heartless, really.

Well, he ignored me, but kinda gave my boyfriend an odd look. It was pretty

I'm ready for the weekend. I need a nap.

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