Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the FREAKING World!!!!!!

Yea, I am fully aware that the movie came out on blu-ray and DVD YESTERDAY. However, as you may know... My adventures in finding a free copy online didn't work. But, I did discover that I had enough money in my iTunes account to rent the movie!
So yeah. Rented it. I'm really glad that I read the books because otherwise I'd be CONFUSED. Oh yeah and there was some slight changes. But I can't nitpick. It was incredible. :)
My favorite ex is Roxy, and I totally loved her scene, so I was happy. :)
All's well that ends well.
(Just realized my stupidity- I put two lines ending in a smiley IN A ROW. GIRLY PRISSY FAIL AUGH IT BURNS

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